I believe in providence through work- work that dazzles the aesthetes and brings them closer to the realization of their true self, and above all appreciate the intricacies that our humdrum lives have to offer.
Art is not about perfection, it is about expression.

Aamir, a figurative artist from Bangalore loves to blend the elements of nature with human’s expressions and emotions.

Creating an imagery through his work, Aamir believes in concocting the five arms of the Pentagram- the elements of nature- ‘Earth’, ‘Water’, ‘Fire’, ‘Air’ and ‘Spirit’ with the subtleties of the mind to craft an impeccable spectacle which depicts the dynamics of nature- a flow of thoughts, an impression.

An artist with an adroitness with oil paints, Aamir works to infuse staunch realism through his creation.

Figure sketch is a quintessential element in his canvases. Giving a palpable touch to the artwork only takes you deeper into the mind and soul of its creator- giving you an insight to the profound reflection of the artist. And, thence, building a connection that bridges the gap between the rational and the irrational forces of nature.

Alma mater being the Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Aamir is an engineer of sorts- an archetypal physics nerd; though the tools at his disposal are his brush, the vivid colors that nature has to offer, an unruffled cognizance of thoughts and a fervor to paint the most astounding masterpiece every time!

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